"Finding Sarah for our ten-year-old twins has been a life changer: fear in front of a page with exercises to complete has made way for true learning experiences - which my kids tell me feels great! Sarah is a most gifted educator, a school teacher and a holistic therapist all in one. Who would not thrive on finely attuned lessons, a systematic, state of the arts and child-focused approach that is highly interactive, and this clear message: 'I care!'"

"Sarah is an outstanding mentor to my 13 yr old daughter who has moderate to severe learning needs. She is a tutor and mentors to numerous community members with high needs. As a highly-trained professional, Sarah excels at working one-on-one to meet the needs of individual children she works with. She has been supporting children's learning as a teacher and tutor for over 17 years.


Her play-based learning, calm and tranquil learning environment and genuine care and concern for her clients is impeccable. My daughter has struggled with anxiety in schooling for many years. Since Sarah has been supporting my daughter - for the last 2 months - she has been supported at her level in fun, engaging ways. My daughter's confidence in her own abilities and a new-found resilience shines very brightly because of Sarah's programs.


As a teacher myself, I have skills to meet the needs of students on the spectrum or with additional learning needs, but Sarah is exceptional at what she does and goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her as a provider of additional support for children with special needs in our upper-Blue Mountains area."

"Sarah is a unique professional offering specialised educational instruction. She not only addresses learning goals but also weaves therapeutic elements into each child's learning. A holistic approach such as this is sorely needed in education.


Sarah is passionate, driven, highly professional and serious about her work. Her patience and ability to adapt to the child set her apart from many other educational therapists. She is a rare treasure in this field and offers a considerable contribution to the area of children's educational therapy."

Beth Champion

"Sarah is a highly-skilled, perceptive and well-resourced teacher and her ability to expertly tailor to the student’s needs and character is definitely what sets her apart. My 9-year old son seemed to have missed some mathematical fundamentals changing schools towards the end of Year 1 and was losing confidence in maths. He was becoming increasingly frustrated counting on his hands and taking longer than his peers to get to the answers and Sarah found it was because he lacked useful strategies to solve problems economically.


Sarah thoroughly understood what was required to move forward, this was determined in the first session when she asked a wonderful array of questions to get to know my son, his strengths, weaknesses, his likes and dislikes. What were his hobbies and who were his friends? He never once felt embarrassed or ‘behind’, being there, instead, he immediately felt understood and supported. Then and at the end of each session since he has felt great satisfaction knowing how much he has progressed and achieved. After attending five sessions his mathematical skills have soared, he confidently uses appropriate vocabulary to explain what he has learnt and his attitude has changed to such an extent he says ‘Maths is actually quite fun!’. So, wow, this is certainly high praise. I am so very grateful we met Sarah and for her immense talents, she is a natural and intuitive teacher and one I would recommend in a heartbeat."

"Sarah is an experienced, knowledgable and intuitive teacher. I have consulted Sarah on a number of occasions in relation to my two daughters, who are now 6 and 8 years old. On every occasion, Sarah has provided insight into their particular situations which has lead to improved outcomes, has given me a greater understanding of the issues at hand and ways I could increase my support. With my youngest daughter, Sarah's observations of her literacy difficulties lead to a line of enquiry that confirmed the root cause of the issue. As a result, I was able to get support services in place. My daughter is now progressing with her literacy and the intense period of struggle has come to an end. Without Sarah's insight I would never have joined the dots. Sarah is passionate about education and she cares for each student that she works with. I would highly recommend Sarah to any parents seeking support for their child in their learning."

"Sarah is an amazing teacher. My 9-year-old son loves his hour of maths coaching with her. She has fostered within him a love of and great confidence in maths, which I think is so important for any subject. If a child can fall in love with learning and is supported to feel confident in their ability then they are well on their way to reaching their full potential. Sarah totally creates this in her learning environment - a real gift for her lucky students."

"Sarah is an incredible teacher and mentor to my son. My son is homeschooled and attends weekly lessons in Maths, English, Science, Coding and Robotics. Sarah really focuses on the whole child, tailoring to their individual needs. She really understands the importance of building a positive connection with the child, she sees him as a whole person and I believe that is the best way to achieve the most positive outcome for the child and their confidence.


My son has never really liked school, or learning for that matter, after just one lesson he came out happy and said “ that was the best lesson ever” “Sarah is the best teacher and she explains everything in a way I understand”. I would highly recommend Sarah to any family who needs someone exceptional to educate and guide their child, she is extremely patient and goes that extra mile with her planning and approach. All children would be lucky to have her."

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