Our Educational Therapists are part of an early childhood intervention multidisciplinary team creating therapeutic child-focused programs for autistic and neurodiverse children.

The sessions... 

  • focus first on building the relationship between the therapist and your child to create a safe and positive environment

  • stem from The Holistic Teacher's ISP (Individualised Support Plan) for your child that includes NDIS goals, interests, strengths, learning needs, social skills, communication skills and areas of development 

  • use real-life experiences to develop real-life skills 

  • use a multisensory approach to stimulate the brain's sensory system

  • observe and listen to your child's behaviour to tailor the session further to their needs

  • engage your child in experiences that soothe anxiety and stress 

"therapeutic CHILD-FOCUSSED programs for children that are autistic and neurodiverse."

Our Art Educational Therapists aim to build life long real-life skills that are fun and meaningful.


The sessions...

  • use visual art-making to support the child in exploring rather than focusing on the end product.

  • are designed to facilitate a supportive, socially constructive and interactive process between the child/ren and facilitator creating a safe space that reduces anxiety.

  • use a collaborative and guided approach, children learn to negotiate, start and finish a task, take risks and follow instructions.

  • use equipment and material that is therapeutic in nature with a focus on nature craft. This enables sensory modulation for children to regulate their sensory input and develop fine/gross motor skills.

Our Music Educational Therapists aim to build life long real-life skills that are fun and meaningful.


The sessions... 

  • support your child's sensory modulation that can help children self-regulate their senses. 

  • use a gentle and therapeutic approach to improve the social skills of turn-taking, waiting, listening and following instructions.

  • build the child's short and long term memory.

  • give the multisensory experience of playing and listening to instruments which support early numeracy and literacy, fine motor development and interoceptive awareness. 

  • feature movement and alternative sound-making activities to enable children of all language abilities to express themselves.

  • focus on poems, songs and rhymes which are used to help improve language skills of rhythm and syllables.

Our highly experienced staff provide support and advocacy with your child's future and current NDIS plans, reviews and applications.

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