EARLY CHILDHOOD intervention

Our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a multidisciplinary educational service that provides specialised programs for young autistic children and/or children with developmental delays.

Your child's NDIS Early Childhood Intervention Support funding can be used for our services

Our educators develop your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) that supports your child's developmental journey and skills for learning. The one-to-one bespoke sessions are play-based using multi-sensory methods in the areas of maths, literacy and science.

Our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) one-to-one art and music sessions develop your child's connection to education through creativity using their IEP. The artists use a creative approach to foster exploration and curiosity whilst building skills for learning.

Our staff provide support and advocacy with your child's future and current NDIS plans, reviews and applications.



The Holistic Teacher is an educational multidisciplinary team who are highly-skilled, university-trained professionals. We specialise in working with autistic children who have disabilities that require support with their developmental journey. 


We focus on building and supporting the child's self-esteem and confidence. We believe that a child's ability to engage in education needs to be developed by fostering their learning skills.


We are dedicated to building strong and trusting relationships with the children. Our philosophy is to meet the child where they are at in their development ...and build from there. We follow the Code of Ethics for ECI Practitioners. Download the policy here

The Holistic Teacher Method was established in the Blue Mountains, in 2018, by our principal, Sarah Buckland. She developed a new way of engaging in learning for children with a disability that was gentle and therapeutic in nature.

Our staff have Working With Children Check, Police Check, First Aid Training and Infectious Control Training

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